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Warshaw Group, Inc. releases Mobile Validity for iPhone and iPad

New York, NY — Warshaw Group, Inc. announced the release of their Mobile Validity software for iPhone and iPad. Mobile Validity is rapid deployment data collection software for use on many devices, including Tablet PC, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and now iPhone and iPad. An Android version is currently in development.

“The release of Mobile Validity for iPhone and iPad is further indication of our commitment to all major device platforms. Support for all major platforms allows our customers to experience flexible and sustainable deployments, and to choose devices that are the best fit for their business needs,” said Nicole Hamilton Bernheimer, managing director of Mobile Validity. Mobile Validity for iPhone and iPad will work with the whole product suite, while being optimized for individual device platforms.

“Our customers have been excited to see our software on iPhone and iPad. They see that they can get the features they expect from Mobile Validity, while utilizing either existing devices already in use within their organization , or deploying on these new devices because they see a good business fit and ROI with their operations,” said Vince Carrozzi, Executive Vice President of Warshaw Group. Mobile Validity software integrates with existing systems or can be used as an end-to-end solution for data collection, reporting, device deployment, mapping, and more.

About Mobile Validity
Mobile Validity software is rapid deployment data collection software for enterprise mobile applications, including inspections, violations, environmental surveys, canvassing, and health charts. Mobile Validity software is available for many device types including Windows Mobile, Tablet PC, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.

To find out more about Mobile Validity, visit the product web site at Mobile Validity is a product of Warshaw Group, Inc.

About Warshaw Group

Founded in 1996, Warshaw Group, Inc. creates enterprise data solutions and develops Mobile Validity, an enterprise mobile applications platform. Warshaw Group, Inc. develops, designs and supports systems for clients in many different industries, including health care, engineering, transportation, education, not-for-profit, political and government organizations.


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