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Warshaw Group Releases Mobile Validity for BlackBerry — Mobile Data Collection Software

New York, NY — Warshaw Group, Inc. announces its release of Mobile Validity for BlackBerry. Mobile Validity software is rapid deployment data collection software for use in many types of projects, including inspections, violations, environmental surveys, canvassing, and health charts. Mobile Validity software is also available for Tablet PC, Windows Mobile devices, and Windows Mobile smart phones.

The first installation of the new Mobile Validity for BlackBerry is planned for political campaigning related to health care reform issues and Get Out the Vote (;TV) initiatives in several geographic areas.

“This new BlackBerry client will allow us to offer our software to even more existing smart phone users. Companies who are looking to deploy mobile data collection software, and whose employees already have BlackBerrys, will be able to leverage the enterprise features and benefits that Mobile Validity provides to their mobile workers,” said Nicole Hamilton Bernheimer, Managing Director of Mobile Validity.

Mobile Validity is a product of Warshaw Group, Inc., a provider of innovative software for large-scale data collection projects. Steven Warshaw, President of Warshaw Group, said, “Warshaw Group is committed to providing high value solutions to our customers. This new BlackBerry client for Mobile Validity continues our tradition of multi-platform support of our product, so that deployments are sustainable and adaptable to the various needs of our customers over many years.” Mobile Validity software integrates with existing systems or can be used as an end-to-end solution for data collection, reporting, device deployment, mapping, and more.

About Mobile Validity
Mobile Validity lets you collect, send, and report information on different mobile platforms, including Tablet PCs, laptops, Windows Mobile devices, and smart phones. Mobile Validity is for organizations that have mobile data collection needs such as inspections, violations, environmental surveys, canvassing, and health charts. To find out more about Mobile Validity, visit the product web site at Mobile Validity is a product of Warshaw Group, Inc.

About Warshaw Group

Founded in 1996, Warshaw Group, Inc. creates enterprise data solutions and develops Mobile Validity, an enterprise mobile applications platform. Warshaw Group, Inc. develops, designs and supports systems for clients in many different industries, including health care, engineering, transportation, education, not-for-profit, political and government organizations.


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