Asset Life

Asset Life
Asset Life provides reliable and justifiable renewal and replacement plans for capital project executives.

The Asset Life software platform enables deficiency-based physical asset renewal and replacement management for organizations with multiple buildings and sites. This approach delivered long term success for our clients on over $50 billion in building and infrastructure capital plans.

Asset Life produces multi-year project plans based on reliable pre-scope budgets generated from observed deficiencies and modeled future needs.

With Asset Life forecast analysts and planners can jump forward and backward in time to understand needs, plan progress and spend at any point. Asset Life Scenario tools help analysts and planners evaluate plan alternatives. And at any point in time, Asset Life can zoom in to higher detail or zoom out for system, building, site, city summaries.

Life Cycle Renewal and Replacement Planning Using Asset Life

Capture Deficiencies<br />using Asset Life-Condition

Capture Deficiencies
using Asset Life-Condition

Use Asset Life-Condition for field assessments to determine condition and to identify and document deficiencies.

Generate Needs<br />and Budgets

Generate Needs
and Budgets

Apply unit cost libraries to generate costs for actions needed to address deficiencies.

Assign Needs<br />to Projects

Assign Needs
to Projects

Needs assigned to projects by rules, phase durations and project estimates automatically generated.

Select Projects<br />for Plan

Select Projects
for Plan

Define and evaluate funding, project selection, and project timing scenarios against plan goals.

Maintain<br />Plan-Repeat Cycle

Plan-Repeat Cycle

Asset Life maintains a real-time view into project progress through integrations with enterprise systems to support informed project adjustments during plan execution. And the true power is in repeating the cycle.

Asset Life fills a critical gap between CMM, FM, PM, Space Management and EAM systems.  When integrated with these other enterprise systems provides a rich planning context.

  • Asset Life provides a level of detail suitable for capital-funded renewal and replacement planning while maintaining links to CMMS item inventory and maintenance history
  • Renewal and replacement planning is informed by the organizational and functional context managed in Space Management systems
  • Provides reliable budgets, project phase durations and estimates, and detailed scope elements and documentation for PM systems
  • Maintains connection between in-flight projects managed in the PM system and underlying deficiencies to be corrected
  • Enables trade-off analysis of needs by organizational units, by sites, by systems across sites, by needs related to function, and more


  • Consistent and repeatable deficiency capture using Asset Life-Condition
  • Proven approach based on deficiencies and quantifiable methods generates reliable and justifiable pre-scope budgets
  • Asset Life continually improves current and future budgets based on feedback from actual project history
  • Users can jump forward and back in time, and zoom in and out on level of detail
  • Connected to the enterprise through powerful integration methods and frameworks to provide real-time view and rich context