Engineering & Construction

inline-industries-engineeringWarshaw Group has a long history of serving the Engineering and Construction Industries. Our company’s roots are in engineering and from the beginning, our solutions were designed to fill the specific needs of large-scale facility management organizations.

Our solutions provide functionality that is ideal for Engineering and Construction firms, including:

  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Inspections for Facilities Management
  • Site Inspections for Construction
  • Long-Term Capital Planning
  • Real-time Reporting

Engineering firms require solutions that can be deployed across many projects, providing a consistent process and reliable results. Warshaw Group has designed solutions to fit this need, presenting scalable tools that are quick to implement and easy to use. Our goal is to provide products that make projects more efficient. To that end we feature:

Specialized functionality to handle large projects and long-term capital planning. Our systems are ideally suited for large-scale facilities management and budgeting and planning building projects.

Device Interoperability

In the real world, organizations must deal with a wide disparity between the resources available at different sites. More often than not, a company will be managing projects in different parts of the world with various types of hardware delivering data in multiple formats, causing a problem as the firm attempts to reconcile all that data.

Warshaw Group has designed solutions specifically to be interoperable between different mobile devices. If one site is using Tablet computers on a project in California and another is using Windows Mobile devices on-site in Asia, both locations can operate using Mobile Validity. This means data can be collected with the same procedures, instantly transmitted and reported in a consistent format, allowing for the data to be turned into information and the information to be turned into knowledge.

This type of device interoperability gives organizations the freedom to control their processes and standardize their operations. From there, it is easy to compare results and quantify progress, regardless of where in the world the project is located.

User-Defined Application Development

Warshaw Group solutions are designed to maximize user control over mobile work processes. To this end, we developed Questionnaire Developer (QD). QD allows firms to design new mobile applications to be deployed to their mobile devices anywhere.

With QD, our clients can design mobile applications to be used anywhere, instituting organizational best practices. This functionality allows for greater control over the end work product, without costly travel and management. Best of all, QD uses an easy drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require a programming degree to master. Quickly and easily, firms can design their own custom mobile applications and deploy them anywhere in the world to collect their data. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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