Public Safety & Enforcement

inline-industries-public-safetyWarshaw Group has a long history of providing solutions to Public Safety and Enforcement organizations for their important work of safeguarding the public and ensuring compliance. We understand the critical requirements of this field, and are accustomed to working within the strict guidelines and stringent oversight required.

Warshaw Group provides solutions for:

  • Health Departments
  • Sanitation Departments
  • Building Authorities
  • Code Enforcers
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Parking Authorities
  • Emergency First Responders

Our solutions are specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of Public Safety and Enforcement agencies. We understand that the work function of Public Safety and Enforcement personnel is not often conducted in comfortable environments. Rather, they require solutions that will work quickly and effectively in harsh, busy environments. For these reasons we designed our violation notification solution: MV-Prime Violations.

Mobile functionality provides for handheld pinpointing of safety violations, along with auto generating and uploading of violation alarms. We help Public Safety departments be more efficient and ensure compliance.

MV-Prime Violations

MV-Prime Violations is the Warshaw Group’s notification of violations tool. It is a streamlined mobile application that is designed to allow code enforcers to complete their field duties efficiently.

The system includes a configurable interface that allows for custom work flow design. Upon detecting a violation, the inspector can open MV-Prime Violations on a mobile device, capture all pertinent data, and process the entry. Locations of the violation can be tagged via GPS.

After entering the information and tagging the location, the data is instantly transmitted to the issuing department’s Violation Notification system and a notice is triggered. With this system, health and safety deficiencies are identified immediately and corrected more quickly. This productivity results in fewer outstanding violations, a safer environment for nearby inhabitants and a more efficient citation collection process.

Customizable Workflow

Public Safety Code compliance dictates that proper procedures be followed explicitly. For this reason Warshaw Group provides the Questionnaire Developer, a tool that allows organizations to design customized inspections tailored to fit these processes.

Questionnaire Developer was designed with the end-user in mind. There is no need to possess a programming background to use the tool. Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can build inspections and mobile applications to expressly fit their processes. This allows organizations to dictate the public safety or enforcement official’s actions in the field. This allows for procedures to be followed and inspections to be conducted in the proper manner every time. Consistency drives efficiency.

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