Political Action Organizations

inline-industries-politicalWarshaw Group is an innovator in providing solutions for Political Action organizations. Our resume of political projects is extensive, and we are proud to have served for more than a decade as the mobile solutions providing partner of the largest local labor organization in the United States.

Our industry experience provides a unique perspective into the practical requirements of the political arena. Warshaw Group personnel are experienced in campaign operations, including participation in elections on the Local, State and Federal levels (including Presidential campaigns).

Warshaw Group mobile solutions have been used in:

  • Campaign Operations
  • Get-out-the-vote efforts
  • Canvassing
  • Union Benefit Administration
  • Organization Mobilization

Our software has been used by political action groups to better serve their membership and more effectively coordinate operations and communicate. With Warshaw Group’s help, organizations large and small can operate nimbly and more effectively.

Trusted by the largest local union in the world. For more than ten years we have handled benefits administration and mobile voter response operations for more than 250,000 union members.

Large-Scale Political Operations

Warshaw Group has been used to harness the power of political groups in a new and more productive way. We have experience in helping organizations with membership mobilization procedures designed to streamline operations.

Our software has been used to consolidate the records of one political action group across more than 35 subsidiary organizations, compiling the records into one functional database for communication, notification, and political mobilization. The result of this solution was that the group had reliable, updated data of more than 1,000,000 members and family. Harnessing the power of the organization more effectively, tens of millions of communications and other campaign information have been distributed to the membership, focusing the group’s message and delivering it more productively.

Group Benefits Administration

One of the primary functions of political action groups is the administration of group benefits for the membership. Warshaw Group has helped political action groups more effectively serve their members by using technology to allow efficient benefits administration.

Among the benefits programs that Warshaw Group has helped streamline are case management systems, wellness programs, disease management systems and child care health systems. These benefits are an invaluable service of any member organization, and their effective administration helps keep the organization strong. With Warshaw Group solutions, political groups are operating effectively and safeguarding the future of their members.

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