Housing & Facility Inspections

inline-housingWarshaw Group is an established industry leader in the Housing and Facilities Management field. Our solutions have been used to inspect and manage facilities of all types and sizes. Whether they are high-occupancy public dwellings or small private buildings, modest office complexes or some of the largest office buildings in New York City, we can handle it all. Our software is trusted to service:

  • High-Occupancy and Public Housing
  • High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Public School Systems
  • Higher Education Facilities
  • Sports Complexes
  • Landmarks and Attractions
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Parks and Recreation

Warshaw Group’s combination of in-depth industry experience and cutting edge solutions for Facilities Management makes us an ideal partner for site administrators. Our suite of mobile applications is specifically design to streamline the Facilities Management process, saving time and money.

Trusted by the largest Housing Authority in the North America, we are the industry leader in building inspections and mobile reporting. Annually we run tens of thousands of inspections and manage trillions of dollars worth of facilities.

MV Prime Mobile Condition Assessment System

MV Prime is the industry’s leading tool for mobile inspection data collection and instantaneous reporting. The solution is uniquely suited to serve facilities managers as it combines the efficiency of a wireless solution with the peace of mind that comes from a fully automated, fail-safe inspection process.

MV Prime features:

  • Customized inspection workflow
  • User interface that is easy to navigate
  • GPS mapping integration
  • Photo capture
  • Reference section with customizable content
  • On-device drawing and sketching capability
  • Real-time wireless reporting directly from the mobile device

In short, everything you need to inspect your facilities quickly and effectively.

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Custom Inspection Development Customer-Driven Functionality

Warshaw Group recognizes that no two organizations use exactly the same procedures. All too often, software solutions force organizations to adapt to the way the program works. We believe in providing solutions that work well and conform to the processes of the organization using them. That is why we developed Questionnaire Developer.

Questionnaire Developer is a tool that allows our clients to design customized inspections and mobile applications to be loaded on their handheld devices. This tool uses a drag-and-drop functionality and requires no programming experience to use. With the Questionnaire Developer, organizations can design new inspections on their own to fit their exact specifications. Changing procedures because they are “incompatible with the software” is no longer necessary. With Warshaw Group, you define how the software works.

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