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Warshaw Group Announces Partnership with Fast Tracking Solutions

Partnership with new resellers paves way for market expansion

New York City, New York – Warshaw Group announced today a new partnership with Fast Tracking Solutions, Inc (FTS), a Sarasota, Florida based company that helps leaders build organizations that thrive in today’s complex and fast changing environment.  The partnership will help to maintain Warshaw Group’s position as a mobile industry leader as well break ground for a migration into new markets and industries.

FTS specializes in generating innovative strategies for businesses looking to expand their scope of influence and utilize all possible resources for profitable, sustainable growth.  Consultation with FTS involves initial assessment of needs, generation of new strategies, integration of solutions for process enhancement, continuous learning, and ongoing follow up once processes are implemented.

Mike Hollister, CEO at FTS, states that “Warshaw Group’s robust mobile building condition assessment applications provide a great operational advantage for our clients who are looking to be nimble and react quickly and knowledgeably to changing environments.  The partnership with Warshaw Group shows much promise.”

The partnership between Warshaw Group and FTS is an indicator of a strong business climate ahead, with combined efforts focusing on client acquisition in both traditional areas of strength, such as Government Agencies, municipalities, real estate, and construction companies and in new markets such as elder care facilities and the food industry.

“We are always on the lookout for valued partnerships that enable us to reach as many potential clients as possible and expand our reach.” says Warshaw Group Director of Business Development, Michael Campbell.  “Working with Fast Tracking Solutions will provide a valuable conduit for growth of Warshaw Group both internally and externally.”

About Warshaw Group

Founded in 1996, Warshaw Group, Inc. creates enterprise data solutions and develops Mobile Validity, an enterprise mobile applications platform. Warshaw Group, Inc. develops, designs and supports systems for clients in many different industries, including health care, engineering, transportation, education, not-for-profit, political and government organizations.


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