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Warshaw Group Develops Mobile Enterprise Application for Local Law 11 Inspections

Warshaw Group develops application to mobilize inspection of exteriors of city high-rises.

New York, NY – Warshaw Group announced today that product engineers have designed and deployed a mobile solution to be utilized by city inspectors performing Local Law 11 building exterior inspections.  The product will increase efficiency of inspectors in the field and streamline the exchange of building condition data from the field to internal offices.

“It’s important that city agencies have the ability to perform safety inspections in an efficient manner with data validation throughout,” says Warshaw Group Director of Business Development, Michael Campbell.  “This product allows engineers to gather and report data to city authorities quickly to help maintain a safe city environment.”

Local Law 11 came into effect in New York City in 1998, with the most recent rendition being signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg on March 7th, 2012.  The law requires mandatory inspections of exterior walls of buildings within the city of six stories or higher and involves extensive detailed reports used for renovations after inspections are completed.  Performed on a five year cycle, the inspections demand extensive visual examinations and diligent monitoring of cases requiring repair.

The application was built using Warshaw Group’s Mobile Enterprise Platform, Mobile Validity, and is configured to meet the needs of Local Law 11 Inspectors.  In addition to mobile data capture, the product will make it easier for city authorities to submit analysis and needs reports, and generate needs assessments from the data collected in the field.

“We are proud to be able to partner with New York City Agencies and major Engineering Firms to provide a technologically advanced mobile product to collect and report on the detailed data pertinent to the most recent iteration of Local Law 11,” says Warshaw Group Executive Vice President Vince Carrozzi. “The speed and accuracy required by this law, dictates a product that can deliver results. We have delivered that product.”

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