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Warshaw Group Releases Control Center 3.0

New York, NY — Warshaw Group, a leading Manhattan-based information technology firm, announced today the release of version 3.0 of their field deployment monitoring system “Control Center.”  “Control Center” is a web application that allows users to view and manage the results of their mobile data collection efforts.

The system, previously called “Results Management System,” was renamed to better reflect its more comprehensive functionality.  In addition to managing results, “Control Center” allows users to perform quality assurance checks on data, manage devices and software versions that are in the field and redeploy as necessary.

Enhancements in version 3.0 include data tables with sophisticated filtering, navigation and usability improvements and User Interface upgrades.

“This release of ‘Control Center’ puts the focus on control and transparency for field data collection efforts,” said Nicole Hamilton Bernheimer, Managing Director of Mobile Validity at Warshaw Group.  “We’ve put significant effort into giving customers flexibility in the way they can see and control their data and manage their devices that are out in the field.”

“Version 3.0 of ‘Control Center’ is a part of our focus on offering our clients a comprehensive suite of systems for their mobile data collection efforts,” said Vince Carrozzi, Executive Vice President of Warshaw Group.  “We will continue to produce highly functional and user-friend solutions for our clients; with a specific focus on improving efficiency and boosting productivity.”

About Mobile Validity
Mobile Validity is rapid deployment data collection software for enterprise mobile applications, including inspections, violations, environmental surveys, canvassing, and health charts. Mobile Validity software is available for many device types including Tablet PC, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile. To find out more about Mobile Validity, visit the product web site at Mobile Validity is a product of Warshaw Group, Inc.

About Warshaw Group

Founded in 1996, Warshaw Group, Inc. creates enterprise data solutions and develops Mobile Validity, an enterprise mobile applications platform. Warshaw Group, Inc. develops, designs and supports systems for clients in many different industries, including health care, engineering, transportation, education, not-for-profit, political and government organizations.


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